UK Visitor Visa

UK Visitor Visa

Need a UK visitor visa? Every year thousands of people travel to the UK on visitor visas, but did you many are knocked back every year due to poor applications? Visitor visas to the UK are a very common visa, but this doesn’t stop UK immigration taking them seriously.

Its important to understand that a well crafted and complete visitor visa application can save you time, money and a lot of head aches now as well as in the future should you need to travel to the UK again.This is why we at Siam International Legal Group offer the most experienced and complete service for UK visitor visas.

How to qualify to travel to the UK on a visitor visa 

You must show that:

  • you intend your visit to the UK to be no longer than 6 months,
  • at the end of your visit you intend to leave the UK, and
  • you have sufficient money to be able to live in the UK for your stay, without having to resort to finding work in the UK, and without needing help from public funds,
  • you don’t intend to find work while visiting the UK to afford your living expenses,
  • you don’t intend to run any kind of enterprise selling goods or services direct to the public during your stay,
  • you don’t intend to enroll in a course of study at a public school,
  • you will be able to afford the expense of leaving the UK after arriving there.

How long will my visa be valid for?

Visitor visas allow you to enter and leave the UK as much as you’d like while the visitor visa is valid. No matter how long the application lasts, you cannot stay in the UK longer than 6 months per visit. Visit visas can be applied for, one year, two years, five years or 10 years. The Entry Clearance Officer may decide to make your visa valid for shorter than you applied for. For example, if you are not a regular traveler or have never visited the UK before may mean your application will be shortened.

Supporting documents to be included with your visitor visa:

The more complete & numerous the supporting documentation you are able to provide the better. If there is insufficient documentation, your visa application may be declined.

You should include:

  • bank statements, payslips, and all other evidence available to show you can pay for your travel to the UK, your subsequent stay, and that you are also able to pay for any dependants without being a burden on UK public funds, and
  • show that you do in fact intend to leave the UK at the end of your visit (for example, a letter from an employer, which will show you have work to return to). Information required for visiting family or friends:

1. a letter from the person you are visiting which explains how you know each other or what relation you are, and the purpose of the visit,

2. a copy of your friend or family’s bio-data page (this is the page containing their passport photograph) of their UK passport. If your friend or family member isn’t a UK national, you will need evidence of their current immigration status in the UK.

If your friend or family sponsoring your visit will be financially supporting your activities during your stay, you will need to show payslips, bank statements, or some other kind of evidence or proof that they can support your stay.

Remember: the immigration department will refuse your application if its found that any documents submitted are false. UK visitor visas will usually be granted to applicants for six months, and depending on your circumstances and needs, will be valid for single or multiple entries. Single entry visas, as the name suggests, are only valid for one entry, while multiple entry UK visitor visas allow the successful applicant travel in and out of the UK on numerous separate occasions during that time.

Note that it is illegal to take your Thai spouse or Thai fiancee to the UK on a visitors visa. You need to apply for the correct visa or she may be deported and you could be arrested for immigration fraud. Apply far a UK spouse visa for your Thai wife or a UK Fiancee visa for your Thai fiancee while in Thailand.

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