UK Student Visa

UK Student Visa

The UK student visa is an ideal way to experience a new culture, new country and world class educational systems. Whether you’re looking for an educational edge for your future, or just looking for your next big adventure you’ll meet students from all over the world, long term friends and maybe even important business contacts.

Your future is important to you, and because you don’t want to risk an opportunity such as studying in the UK, we urge you to let Siam International Legal Group help support your fast, easy, and successful UK student visa application. More so than ever before its important to entrust your student visa application to a qualified and experienced legal team. Immigration fraud continues to cause problems in the UK, and as a result your application must be water tight.

Your UK Student Visa can be applied for in Bangkok, Thailand. Siam International Legal Group immigration lawyers are always available to discuss exactly how you’ll need to proceed to support your application.

General Requirements for UK Student Visas

You need to show that an educational establishment has accepted your application to study with them in the UK, or show that you have been accepted for a period of research at an educational establishment that appears on the UK’s Register of Education and Training Providers.

You must show:

*that you will follow a recognized full-time degree course or postgraduate studies, or
*that you will undertake a period of more than 6 months of study;
*that you will be attending at least 15 hours of organized day time study;
*that you will attend an independent school on a full time basis;

You will also need to show that:

*you can pay for the course and pay for your living expenses and any expenses of any dependents, and be able to do so without getting a job or starting a business, or being a burden on public funds.

*be able to go to and show that you intend to follow the course you have chosen, and
*you do in fact intend to leave the UK when you complete your course or study if those studies are below a degree level.

If you complete your study and have acquired a bachelors degree, master’s degree, postgraduate certificate, diploma or PhD, then you may be eligible to remain in the UK, or return if you have left, for a full year after your study was completed, without getting a work permit.

To support your UK student visa application include:

*copies of all relevant educational documentation such as diplomas you have acquired;
*an acceptance letter sent by the educational facility you’ll be attending;
*if you’re following a type of postgraduate study called “ATAS”;
*if appropriate, evidence of government sponsorship;
*all available evidence showing your ability to meet your costs of living and course costs;
*if a private college is sponsoring your study costs, you will need a letter from that school detailing how they will support you during your stay, and evidence that they can meet those costs.

Enter the UK on a study visa, then choose your course. You may also enter the UK as a prospective student, arranging your course and educational facility and enrolling within 6 months of arriving.

You will need to show:

*that you intend to enroll within 6 months of entering the UK;
*that you have sufficient finance to pay for your stay in the UK;
*that you will not be a burden on public funds during your stay;
*that you have the intent to leave the UK when your studies are complete.

Your UK study visa also entitles you to limited work.

If you can find holiday work during semester breaks, or part time work.

However, you are not permitted to:

* engage in full time employment in a permanent job, or
* start your own business, or engage in any sporting activity for financial gain;
* work for more than 20 hours a week during your institutions term time unless:
* the employment undertaken forms part of your study;
* has been arranged with your educational institution;
* leads to a degree or qualification awarded by a nationally recognized examining body.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to study in the UK, the application process is tougher than ever, and if you want to give yourself the best chance to meet your goals, Siam International Legal Group is there for you every step of the way. do not use this visa in place of a UK Spouse Visa or a UK Fiancee Visa as that will be viewed as immigration fraud.

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