UK Business Visa

UK Business Visa

The UK business visa is for people who wish to come to the UK and begin a new business, working in that business full time. The complexity and degree of legal evidence required in these cases are high, and as such Siam Legal strongly advises you take legal counsel before taking action towards obtaining a UK business visa.

Here are some of the requirements for getting a new business in the UK:

* You have 200,000 pounds, which is yours to use in the UK, and is legally held in your name (that is, the money is not held in trust or other investments), with the intent to invest it in a new business venture in the UK.

* You must have enough additional funding to pay for your living expenses, and any expenses of dependants, and to do so without using any public funds or taking other jobs to support your income until your new business becomes profitable.

* You intend to be full-time participant in your business, either on your own or in a partnership with another. Or, you intend to promote and manage your company as the director on a full time basis.

* You intend to have and keep a level of financial investment proportional to the interest you hold in your company or business.

* You intend to have either a controlling or equal interest in the business, and any partnership or directorship must not be a form of disguised employment (which is a person claiming to be the owner & manager of a business but is actually just an employee).

* You have the finances available to cover your share of liabilities in running the business.

* You intent to provide services or products which people in the UK have a genuine interest in or need of.

* You expect to receive enough profit from your business to support your living expenses, and the expenses of your dependants, from the share of profits you earn in the business.

* You do not intend to take or look for any other employment in the UK other than your work for the business. If you’re buying or otherwise taking a share of an existing business you should provide:

* a written statement or proposal showing how you will join or take over the business
* audited accounts from the business you intend to buy for previous years, and
* evidence that your new ownership and business skills will lead to an overall increase in the employment from the business, creating at least two new full-time jobs for UK citizens.

If you are starting up a new business in the UK, you need to show:

* that you have sufficient start up capital to begin the business upon arriving in the UK, and
* the business will create at least two new full-time jobs for UK citizens.

These conditions also apply to self-employed doctors and dentists. Meeting these conditions and showing UK immigration that you can in fact provide stable employment for UK citizens is a complex task. Siam International Legal Group has in fact helped many future UK business owners such as yourself apply for and successfully obtain UK business visas.


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