Requirements UK Spouse Visa

UK Spouse Visa Requirements

With offices in all the major cities in Thailand we are able to assist you with your UK spouse visa for your Thai wife. She can be in Pattaya, Bangkok, Samui, Phuket or even Chiang Mai we will be able to assist you getting your Thai wife back to the UK.

The following are just some of the guidelines you should follow in making a spouse and civil partner application to enter the UK:


You need to prove that:


• your husband, wife or civil partner is not under 18, and
• you are not under 18.
• you have been legally married, or are engaged in a UK recognized civil partnership
• your spouse or civil partner is currently present and settled in the UK
• you have physically met one another previously
• you can financially support one another of any help from public funds
• you have accommodation, which is owned or lived in only by you and your household
• you both have the intent to live together as husband and wife permanently


You must, at the end of two years of living in the UK, still be married and intend to continue living together. If these requirements are met you may apply to stay on a permanent basis in the UK. You must also prove that you have been living together for two years. You can do this by showing 20 items proving cohabitation, such as bills to your address and other documents addressed to you both at the same address.

Once this evidence is presented with your application to the UK Border & Immigration Agency, you will be classified as having “Indefinite Leave to Remain”. Documents that support your application for a spouse or civil partner visa. You need to have all the documents you can to show that you qualify for entry as a husband, wife, or civil partner.


Your spouse visa may be refused if:

• The original of your birth certificate.
• The original of your marriage certificate if you are married
• Any recent bank statements or savings statements for your sponsor
• Evidence of where you intend to reside, such as a mortgage agreement


One of the following documents will be required:

• a divorce certificate
• a final dissolution order, or
• a death certificate of your or your sponsor’s previous husband, wife or civil partner
• Evidence that your sponsor is settled in the UK.
• Any other letters from you and your sponsor that support your application.


It must be emphasized that your spouse/civil partner visa application will be refused if any documents are found which are false. Don’t be misled – falsifying documentation is completely unnecessary if a reputable and experienced team such as Siam International Legal Group is guiding you through this process.

Other UK Visa Requirements:


You may be granted what is formally known as “indefinite leave to remain” in the UK if you and your husband, wife or civil partner are married and have been living together outside the UK for longer than four years, and all the aforementioned requirements to reside permanently in the UK are met. You must also prove that you have knowledge of life in the UK, and can speak the English language to a certain standard of competency.

You and your partner must also be at least 18 years old, and must show that you have actually met each other, and that you have been married in a legally recognized service – OR you must show that you have engaged in a civil partnership registration. Due to continued abuse of the UK immigration laws you will also need to convince immigration authorities that your relationship is of a genuine and continuing nature. We can also assist in preparing you for what might seem overly stringent and invasive interview procedures.

Simply knowing what will be involved will put you in the proper relaxed frame of mind to be able to answer all the questions posed to you, and maximize the chance of your application being accepted. Imagine, you could be living with your partner in the UK sooner than you think.

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